After Quit Smoking Timeline

Now Everyone Can Reborn Again!

After Quit Smoking Timeline

In order to quit smoking, one must through the process after quit smoking timeline. Some will have a rough time while in a quit process, like depression, poor concentration, aggression and restlessness. On the other hand, after the process, some say it was feeling like they’re “reborn again.” If before it was hard to breath, but after through all the process, it’s easy to breathe without any problems. There’re a few processes while someone through a healing timeline after quit smoking.

In fact, 20 minutes after starting from quit smoking, the blood pressure and the pulse rate will decrease to its standard value. On the other side, the temperature of hand and feet, increases to normal. After 8 hours, Oxygen level in blood increases to normal, and carbon monoxide level, decreases. When it comes to day one, the chances of being at risk of heart attack, decreases after quit smoking timeline. The benefit not just end of day one, it continues to show the benefit until the timeline after quit smoking reach the end of its day.

When it comes to day two after quit smoking timeline, the nerve endings that damage due to smoking timeline, begins to regrowth with the sense of smell and tastes return to normal, increases after stop smoking timeline. In the day 3, the benefit goes to the lungs, when the entire nicotine turned into another chemical, the body will get 100% free from nicotine, while 90% generated nicotine inside the body, it will be released through urine. The lungs’ ability increases due to relaxing of bronchial tubes. Besides that, breathing also become easier.

After Quit Smoking Timeline

Quit Smoking Timeline

After quit smoking timeline between day 5 to day 30, normal blood circulation improves a lot and its glow upon the teeth and gums. Walking also becomes faster, and lung function increases up to 30%. Not just that, sleep also comfortable and concentration increases high. Chronic cough disappears, anxiety, restlessness and depression all reduce to normal state like non-smoking people. Up to one until nine months, lungs overall have been cleaned and cilia regrow, increasing to  handle  mucus, reduce infection, and body’s energy increases. Up to one year, the risk of coronary heart diseases is half of that smoker.

Come for five years, the risk of cancer and mouth, throat and esophagus are half of a smokers. On top of that, the Lung Cancer death rate for the average ex-smoker  (one pack a day) decreases a lot by almost half. For a former smoker, their chance for stroke risk is reduced almost with non-smokers who quit smoking up from 5 to 15 years after quit smoking timeline. At this rate, the result in a life without smoking, increased as you can imagine. When it comes to 10 years, the lung cancer death rate is similar to non-smoking, Risk of the cancer such as cancer mouth, pancreas, throat, bladder, cervix and esophagus all decreases. Soon when it reaches 15 years, the risk of coronary heart diseases equal with a nonsmoker. The conclusion is, there’re still had a time to fix the problems due at smoking, as long as the intention to change still burned.

By cindy smith