Do Your Lungs Heal After You Quit Smoking ?

Rebuilding Lungs after Smoking

Do Your Lungs Heal After You Quit Smoking

Do your lungs heal after you quit smoking was a common question among the smokers. Nowadays there’s a lot of smokers decided to quit smoking due realizing about their lung health. It’s important for you to know why you should quit smoking and get all the information  about this, cause this will motivate you when you’re in a tough situation like being surrounded by a smoker.

Since question about how to quit smoking and do your lungs heal after you quit smoking was a“hot”question among the smokers. We will respond to it through this step. First step is to have a mindset with a strong intention to quit smoking. See from the point of view on previous smoker and how the cigarette affected their body. Are they still health? Strong enough to do an outdoor activity? How they do now? Is his health?… Or, is he in a hospital right now? Did he ever tell you that he felt like it was hard to breath?

Hard to breath was a sign of broken lung. Get a Doctor to check the lung condition and status of the smoker. Do your lungs heal after you quit smoking was a subject in this case. Smokers died more than a thousand each year. Your ability to “wake up” from your bad habit is a must thing to have for you to survive. Your lungs after you quit smoking will recover itself. This has been confirmed by American Cancer Society who found that, within 12 hours of quitting smoking, the level carbon monoxide in your blood is the same as a non-smoking.

Quit Smoking Side Effects

Quit Smoking Side Effects

Discussing about the question do your lungs heal after you quit smoking, and does it have any side effects when you quit smoking? In fact, most smokers who under quitting process, will feel this side effect in a few days. An example of the side effect is dizziness. Dizziness happens because your brain increased oxygen circulation to your brain. This only happens in a short day. After your brain got extra oxygen, the symptom will disappear. So you don’t have to worry, during this state.

The second common side effect is, insomnia. In this state, you didn’t have a good sleep as you smoked before. You will have a “lighter” sleep and make you tend to wake up in the middle of the night. Just like dizziness, your body will through the process recovering itself. Other common side effects is, dream. You will have a vivid dream or even nightmares. Actually, it was a good sign because you work out the day problems on the night, and not use for smoking on the day to solve the problems. Do your lungs heal after you quit smoking, has been answered. Now, all you need to do is, make a change.



By cindy smith